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Sent: 27 August, 2012 11:14
To: James Middleton
Subject: E(12/2120) IN BRIEF (Page 2)|HongKong Business|
Dear Mr Middleton,

Thank you for your message.  Ships operating in the North America Emission Control Area (ECA) must use fuel containing not more than 1% sulphur.  This would help reduce the ship emissions in the ECA, but not in our local waters.

2.        Oil companies in HK normally supply bunker fuels with a sulphur content not more than 2.8%, better than the 3.5% limit stipulated in MARPOL Annex VI.  We are not in a position to speak on behalf of oil companies as to whether they would supply bunker fuels of even much lower sulphur content.

Best regards,
Tony Y T Lee

Dear Mr Middleton,

We are processing your enquiry and would let you have our return as soon as possible.
Best rgds,
Tony Y T Lee

“James Middleton” <>

24/08/2012 06:24

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Subject E(12/2120) IN BRIEF (Page 2)|HongKong Business|

Dear EPD
Does HK offer low sulphur bunker fuel  in a like manner ?
If not, why not ?

Kind regards,
James Middleton
Sinopec plans low-sulfur fuel for ships

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, the country’s largest fuel supplier, plans to supply low-sulfur shipping fuel at Chinese ports as ships sailing to the US and Canada are required to burn the cleaner fuel.

Sinopec, as China Petroleum is known, is arranging barges, tanks and pipelines to supply shipping fuel, or bunker, containing 1 percent sulfur, Zhou Yiqing, the vice manager of the bunker department at Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Co, said in an interview by telephone. The company will start with “big” ports, he said, without elaborating.

Ships sailing in US and Canadian waters are required to use bunker fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 1 percent starting this month under air-pollution standards set out by the North American Emission Control Area. Vessels outside the controlled areas can use bunker with a maximum sulfur content of 3.5 percent.

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