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Port of LA honours vessels committed to reducing air pollution


18 May 2012

Vessels are given a financial incentive for reducing their speeds during routine calls made to the port

The Port of Los Angeles has announced it has recognised the top performing shipping and cruise lines for helping to reduce air pollution by lowering their vessel speeds during routine calls made to the port.

According to a press release, the recognition is part of the port’s Vessel Speed Reduction Program (VSRP), an initiative that sets a standard for ocean-going vessels to decrease their speeds as they approach the port.

Customer’s that were recognised in this year’s VSRP included Yang Ming Marine TransportDisney Cruise Line and Evergreen Marine.

Orient Overseas Container LineNorwegian Cruise Line and Hapag-Lloyd were also recognised.

“Year after year, the Vessel Speed Reduction Program has proven to be a successful component to improving air quality,” said GeraldineKnatz, Ph.D., executive director at the Port of LA.

“The Port of Los Angeles is fortunate to have forward-thinking customers who support these environmental programmes, while raising the bar higher and setting a global standard.”

The VSRP is a voluntary programme which started in 2001 with aims to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from ocean-going vessels by slowing their speeds as they approach or depart the port, generally at 20 nautical miles from Point Fermin.

In recent years, the programme has been extended and now includes incentives for reducing speeds at 20 nautical miles as well as 40 nautical miles, stated the press release.

The port added that last year, 332 vessels were 100% compliant in the programme, which aided in the reduction of 84 tonnes of diesel particulate matter (DPM) emissions, 808 tonnes of sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions, and 1,158 tonnes of NOx emissions.

Vessels that achieve a 90% or higher participation rate to the VSRP receive financial incentives from the port.

Samantha Cacnio, Vancouver News Desk, 18th May 2012 18:42 GMT

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