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Water Taxi Plan Is Bad News

Updated on Mar 05, 2008 – SCMP
I would like to add to the views of Jon Martin (“Government must act to reduce pollution from pleasure craft”, March 1) on the matter of proposals for “water taxis” to ply the south side of Hong Kong Island (“Water taxi plan wins support”, February 29).

This part of the island is unique, contrasting with the hassle and buzz of the built-up areas like the harbourside and Aberdeen. Tourists are astounded when they see the built-up areas, with the pollution of the roadsides in Central and elsewhere and then experience the tranquillity and beauty of the south side, areas like Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay, Repulse Bay and South Bay.

I can imagine that with a fleet of smoke-puffing water taxis with tourists invading these waters, pollution is guaranteed, and this will have an impact on beaches where people enjoy bathing.

Allan Zeman, the chairman of the Ocean Park, is interested in boosting business for his enterprise, but he should think twice before adding his support to an idea I think will be destructive.

The further build up of Ocean Park and its surroundings with tourist facilities, already adds to the heavy traffic with tourist buses which also go from Ocean Park to Stanley.

We must preserve the uniqueness of the south side of Hong Kong Island.

Thomas Gebauer, Discovery Bay

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