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Push for emissions control area in Hong Kong


Orient Overseas Container Line is pushing for Hong Kong to become Asia’s first emission control area.

The push is on for tighter ship emissions rules in Hong Kong.

The company also says the government should offer subsidies to shipping companies to help meet their environmental obligations.

OOCL director of corporate planning Stephen Ng says Hong Kong should make it mandatory for all players to abide by emissions rules and not rely on current voluntary standards.

“We need a level playing field,” he said.

Mr Ng accused the territory’s government of inaction.

“As far as Hong Kong is concerned, what we want to see is involvement from the government,” he said.

“The government needs to be in collaboration with the mainland.

“Hong Kong cannot do it alone.”

He was “not seeing active participation” on the issue by the territory’s political leaders, he said.

Mr Ng said cooperation with the central government in Beijing, or at the very least with the provincial government in neighbouring Guangdong province, was required if a framework of standards were to make sense.

He also said the government should consider subsidising the scheme.

“We get a break in terms of ports charges,” Mr Ng said.

The Hong Kong Government had a similar subsidy program in place for power companies, he added.

Earlier this year, members of the Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association, including OOCL, agreed to a set of voluntary clean fuel initiatives aimed at reducing air pollution caused by emissions from ships.

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